Monday, July 4, 2016

10 Underrated Movies of The 21st Century

  1. All The Real Girls - It’s the universal story which happens to everybody wrapped in a charming little movie. Believe me, you are/were either the girl or the boy. Or the brother.
  2. The Constant Gardener - A movie about love, and just it.
  3. Brick - A brilliant movie of Joseph Gordon Lewitt. A classic who dunnit story interspersed with love in its yet another beautiful form- grief.
  4. The Five Year Engagement - Officially, a romantic drama, but brilliantly funny.
  5. Easy A - A clever teenage drama. What if I say I finally found a teenage movie that evokes both laughter and feel good nostalgia of our school days in equal amounts. Emma Stone’s best movie so far.
  6. The Cove - This made me bawl my eyes out at the inhumanity that has crept into our society. It utterly broke my heart at how we have grown to accept things that, at introspection, shatter our nerves and convincingly persuade us to leave the life we have and live for a cause. I have never been the same again.
  7. Speak - All who thought Kristen Stewart cannot act are sure to eat their words after watching this one. A coming-of-age masterpiece
  8. Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum - If sacrificing your personal life might make a small change in this world for good, then is it worth taking?
  9. A Separation - Haunting drama that will stay with you for hours, hell, days after you are done watching it.
  10. The Raid Redemption - This Indonesian movie, is without doubt one of the best action movies of recent times.


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